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Till Behrens Kreuzschwinger Chairs.

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Metal Wire 'Kreuzschwinger' Dining Chairs by Till Behrens for Schlubach Germany.

Moreover, the beneficial effect of this dynamic seating comfort on the muscles of the back, shoulders and neck has been scientifically confirmed. The Kreuzschwinger is a design by the German designer Till Behrens and has been awarded various design awards.

  • Design: Till Behrens
  • Manufacturer: Schlubach
  • Country: Germany
  • Period: 1983
  • Model: Kreuzschwinger
  • Materials: Steel wire
  • Dimensions: H 98 x W 48 x D 52 x Seat 46 cm.
  • Condition: Very good, normal signs of age & use.
  • Price is for the set of 4