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Screen Printing by Menno Baars.

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Dutch Screen Printing by Menno Baars, 1990's.

Numbered 88/500

Dimensions: 71 x 48 cm.

Menno Baars is known to the public as a painter and cardiologist. After studying medicine, he started painting out of the blue and did not attend an art academy. “The irony is that, from the first day of my training as a cardiologist, I changed profoundly as a person. It was as if I suddenly understood everything, saw it and absorbed it ”, says Baars.
Baars does away with contemporary views on how modern art should be: conceptually and especially not 'from the heart with the hands in the paint'. He taught himself true painting technique with extraordinary speed and naive tenacity. His rebellious determination to paint with full dedication is reflected in his energetic early paintings with a heavy brushstroke full of texture that are strongly reminiscent of the work of CoBrA artist Karel Appel. The visual language is light-hearted: canvases are created with an almost childish-like figuration in bright colors and paint that has been applied in thick strings with heavy strokes. Apparently 'he brushes his paint pot empty as quickly as possible', but if you look closely, you will recognize all the talent in the beginning artist.