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Screen Printing Andre Priester 1987.

€ 99,00

Graphic Dutch Screen Printing Andre Priester 1987.

This is an epreuve d'artiste, which means that this print was for the artist.

Total dimensions with list: H 41,5 x W 31 cm.

is slightly affected by moisture, most damage to black background, the print is stuck on this.

 About the Printing:

In the glossy magazine: "Elegance" (December issue 1987) circulation of no fewer than 100,000 copies (format 28.5 x 21 cm) a unique and original work of art was packaged.

The 100,000 works of art, mainly screen prints printed in 1 to 8 print runs, then had a combined value of more than 1,000,000 guilders.

The entire project was organized and realized by Wout van der Vet.

All prints were numbered and signed by the artists and provided with his drying stamp. 99 artists jointly designed 148 different works of art and one artist even produced 1000 original works.

This project is a world first and is registered with the Guinness Book of Records.