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XL Close Encounter Floor Lamp by Kerst Koopman 1980's.

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Dutch Design Close Encounter Floor Lamp by Kerst Koopman, 1980's.

This item is unique, because it's multifunctional....Floorlamp, Side-Table,Bar,Planter or Storage in one!

So cool, and made in the Netherlands :-)

  • Design: Kerst Koopman
  • Manufacturer: Kerst Koopman
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Period: 1980's
  • Model: Close Encounter
  • Materials: PVC, Wood, Glass.
  • Dimensions: H 190 x W 65 x D 65 cm / Diameter Glass Globe 35 cm.
  • Condition: Very good (has signs of use in the planter units, see pics)